Kessel should be suspended for at least 25 games

I am not usually one to post my thoughts online, but I am disgusted by what I saw and what I am hearing about the incident involving Phil Kessel It is ridiculous to me that someone would ever say that it is ok for anyone to intentionally hit someone with a stick regardless of the situation. I am still trying to figure out how the guy who came off the bench to stick up for the little girl ends up suspended for more games than the guy who took a couple chops with his stick. I know it is a rule and it is automatically 10 games, but there is no way that is worse than what Kessel did. For those of you who think he didn’t have any outs, he could have a-not skated up and pushed Scott, B- he could have ran quickly away when he first stopped and turned to slash him, c-he couldĀ  turtle like the little sissy he is, or d-he could grow a pair and stand up like a man and fight. Kessel said himself that Scott told him “I’m going to jump you” He should have been smart enough to get away if he was scared. Don’t forget that even after he had escaped the initial rush and was in no danger at all he circled around and took a second swing at Scott’s legs. It can no longer be considered self defense, which I believe is a garbage excuse for what Kessel did. Once he was clear of the pile he consciously decided to try again to hurt Scott. There is no other reason to go back in for seconds, and the thirds when after he ended up fighting someone else (remember had he just done that to start with),he picked his stick back up and gave Scott a little spear. For those of you who said the Sabres sent their enforcer out to fight the Leafs star players remember the Leafs had last change as the Home Team. Lets talk about the fact that I keep hearing that he shouldn’t be suspended any longer because Scott wasn’t injured. Whether or not a player is injured as a result of an illegal action should have absolutely zero bearing on the severity of the punishment. It is happening far to often now that a , play that appears to be a, legal check results in a penalty and sometimes a suspension, because the recipient of the hit ends up hurt. I don’t want anyone to be injured, but it is hockey and it is rough, and sometimes unfortunately people get hurt. It is a penalty every time. In turn it works the other way as well. Just because a guy doesn’t get hurt doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a suspension. I will give you an example. Let me preface by saying that I am a Bruins fan and was rooting for the to win the cup. There was an incident in the playoffs where a player I can’t remember poked Brad Marchand in the back on his way to the bench, and he turned and viciously swung his stick at that player. He missed, and did not receive a penalty or any suspension. That is the kind of garbage that needs to be removed from the game. Nobody got hurt but Marchand should have been suspended. The penalty is called Intent to Injure, not succeed in injuring. There shouldn’t be a double standard for star players and role players. If the roles had been reversed and Scott had taken a swing at Kessel with his stick he would have certainly gotten more than 3 pre season games. Here is an example- Kassian accidentally hit Gagner in the face with his stick, and got 5 regular season games. Yes I believe he should have been suspended, because a player should always be in control of his stick. However it was unintentional. Kessel hit Scott intentionally not 1 but 2 times and then added a little spear, and he only gets 3 meaningless pre season games. What is it teaching the kids watching when we allow our star players that they look up to to get away with a slap on the wrist for a couple of nasty slashes. Stick swinging and other gutless cheap shots need to be eliminated from the game of hockey. I don’t care who does it, it is gutless and has no place in the game of hockey.